Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Calvinistic Congregationalists Reformed?

Spencer Snow has written Are Calvinistic Congregationalists To Be Counted Among The Reformed? as a response to William H. Smith's Can Baptists Be Reformed? Is This a Contradiction in Terms?

Snow writes,

Rather than restrictively placing the label “Reformed” upon only those who subscribe to the doctrines of the Westminster Standards, it seems more better and more accurate to place the tag upon the broad group of Confessional Calvinistic Protestants who hold to truths contained within the Westminster Standards/Three Forms of Unity, the Savoy Declaration, and the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith.  Those who relegate the title “Reformed” to only those of this group who practice infant baptism, infant church membership, and Presbyterian polity prove too much. 

Read the rest. I think Snow makes some sense here.

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