Baptism: Which Way?

[Originally published July, 2008] In keeping with our efforts to strive for true reformation in Christ’s churches and unity among our brothers and sisters in Christ, this page serves to that end.
Christian baptism, while certainly important, is not an issue over which believers should divide and surely not one over which believers should condemn one another. God has been pleased through the centuries to greatly use both Baptists and Presbyterians to advance His kingdom work. So whatever our differences we may have on the mode and timing of baptism, our primary posture towards one another should be one of charity and grace. Bible-believing Baptists and Presbyterians serve the same Savior and have the same goal in view–that Christ would be proclaimed and His kingdom would come!
To these ends, below we will present a link to both views of baptism, one from a Baptist point of view and the other from a Presbyterian point of view. If you have other resources to recommend, please let us know in the comments.
May God be glorified in our study of His word on this matter and may he be glorified in our discussions of the same.
The Meaning of Baptism: With Special Reference to the Baptist View by Covenant Protestant Reformed Church (A Critique of the Baptist view)
For other Baptist resources where baptism is discussed, visit The Founders Ministry. There are also several other Baptistic links on the right side of this blog.
For other Presbyterian views on baptism, visit There are also several other Paedobaptist links on the right side of this blog.
On the mode of baptism, two additional resources are added.
Another resource is Baptizo: Believers' Immersion Page.

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